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I love to share real-life experiences, fun, and all the miracles as I continue to move forward in my personal journey. I will also share tools that you can use to move you forward down your own path of discovery and transformation.

Hi, I'm Vilmary.

Hi, my name is Vilmary, nice to meet you!

My passion is to help and support women like you who are ready for some real transformation in their lives.

Yo hablo español.

My desire to help women just like me was born as I was going through my own life coaching experience. I knew life had so much more to offer but, to be honest, I was tired. I tried so many things, but everything seemed to work only for a short time.

I started from the bottom with a wounded heart and a negative mind. My past experience was leading my future. It was hard to believe that I had some responsibility in all of it. Yes, it was up to me if I was going to continue in the vicious cycle or if I was to create a new story for myself. It was hard work in the beginning. Changing my mind about things that I believed for a long time was not my cup of tea.

It took me two years before all things started to make sense. Everything in my life changed! Yes! I’m a completely different person today because of it.

Things that I enjoy doing are reading, sitting at the beach while looking at the sunset and Dance! I teach Zumba just for fun. I love to bring joy into any atmosphere and dance until the soles of my shoes fall off! I love music and to simply have a good time. I can party like there is no tomorrow! Life is supposed to be fun.

Yo hablo español.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I began my coaching sessions with Vilmary in spring of 2018. She helped through a very difficult time in my life. Divorce and changing career paths were some of these. Vilmary is very patient and will listen. At the end of every session I feel stronger and I would leave with clarity about my issues. After our session she would call to check in with me to see how I was doing. I would highly recommend vilmary. She is very professional. I am mentally stronger,feel happy and I look forward to a brighter future because of her amazing coaching!

    Minny M.
  • I was lost in the dark. My children were teenagers and one of them had severe ADHD. My husband and I had very stressful jobs that impacted our marriage. I felt drained. I was going from counselor to counselor with my son. On top of everything I lost my dad unexpectedly. Life coaching with Vilmary had a good Impact in my life. It saved me. I learned to focus on positive things and not to dwell on things that I can't control. I learned to set goals and how to say no to things that made me uncomfortable. I learned about toxic environments, relationships and how to let them go. Most important, I learned to love myself!!!!

    Sheila Cintron-Hix

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