Vilmary Lopez About Me ImageHi, I’m Vilmary

 Nice to meet you!

My passion is to help and support women like you who are ready for some real transformation in their lives.

My desire to help women began as I was going through my own life coaching experience. I knew life had so much more to offer but, to be honest, I was tired. I tried so many things, but everything seemed to work only for a short time.

I started from the bottom with a wounded heart and a negative mind. My past experience was leading my future. It was hard to believe that I had some responsibility in all of it. Yes, it was up to me if I was going to continue in the vicious cycle or if I was to create a new story for myself. It was hard work in the beginning. Changing my mind about things that I believed for a long time was not my cup of tea.

It took me two years before all things started to make sense.  Everything in my life changed! Yes! I’m a completely different person today because of it.

Things that I enjoy doing are reading, sitting at the beach while looking at the sunset and Dance! I teach Zumba just for fun. I love to bring joy into any atmosphere and dance until the soles of my shoes fall off! 😁I love music and to simply have a good time. Life is supposed to be fun.

I was born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico as the third of 4 children, my father’s only daughter. Given my circumstances, I didn’t have much of a childhood. My family lived in a dangerous neighborhood until I was 14. I felt I couldn’t fit in any crowd. I became resentful with myself and my family. I felt Ignored and abandoned by everyone except for my grandmother. She always had the perfect answer, was full of wisdom and love. Life was difficult for me. I had my first son at the age of 16. It broke my mother’s heart. Now I felt worse than ever… embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

In 1989 I moved to New York with my son’s father hoping for a fresh start and to better my life. Life was rough as I could only speak a few English words.  I quickly became a single mother of 3. In 1996  my beloved mother and grandmother past within 4 months of each other. I didn’t want to live but, I realized that I needed to change for the sake of my children who I loved with all my heart. In the same year, I made one last move to Southwest FL. My difficult circumstances continued.

Thank GOD I always had angel’s protecting me even when I didn’t want to believe it.  No matter, I was able to rise above any negative situation.

My children are all amazing adults and doing well. I am happily married to Luis who is my knight In shining armor and together we share 5 children and 5 grandchildren who we love dearly.

What I realized after all was said and done is that even though I was married to a wonderful man, marriage wasn’t going to fix me or change how I felt inside. I still felt the pain of the things that needed to be healed. All the years of trauma, self-abuse, guilt, fear, and shame were bottled up deep in my soul. I was happy but sad all at the same time so I decided to get professional help. For the first time in my life, I  invested in myself! I knew there was more to life than my past experience.

I found my life coach and committed to a 22-week program that went on for two years. Quickly my eyes began to open up and layers of bitterness and fear began to fade away.  I was finally able to truly smile again.  I was able to experience the joy and the miracles in my life every single day. My whole life began to change. I knew I had a purpose in life that was bigger than any of my perceived problems and challenges.  I went through an amazing transformation process, the caterpillar finally turning into a butterfly… letting go of all the things that I was attached to that only held me back from living the life of my dreams.  Once I started to experience the freedom and joy, passion and purpose showed up!

I now have a burning desire to help other women like me to heal and to become the brilliant, amazing and incredible women who they were created to be. I always had the heart for helping others, but now I have the tools to do so! In 2017 I became a certified life coach. I will show you how to take positive action to create a life you love.

Professional Bio

Vilmary Lopez-Professional Bio Image

I worked in the medical field for over 10 years before I seriously decided that I needed a career change and possibly follow the passion of my heart. I always loved helping others in any way I could.

I am a certified Zumba instructor since 2015. I enjoy teaching and dancing and empowering women in different ways.

After 2 years of experiencing my own journey through personal life coaching, my desire to help others only grew stronger. In 2017 I became a Certified life coach by Mary Lynn Ziemer Certified Master of Advanced Life Concepts from Living A Joyful Life Now! My blended personal experience and sensitivity allows me to understand each individual exactly where they are. I love to help and support women from all different walks of life.