Accept- Let go-Move on

I can’t believe we are already in August! Where did time go? I realize that we can plan all we want, but until we learn how powerful we are and begin applying that knowledge, life can bring about unexpected detours and changes that require us to acknowledge what’s in front of us so we can learn, grow and make good decisions for ourselves.

Life can sometimes feels like you are stuck in traffic. Especially when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. What do you do? you either just accept the situation without giving it too much of your precious energy and go with the flow, or you allow yourself to get upset wasting valuable time and energy on something you simply can’t control. It’s ok to get upset but don’t remain in that energetic place. Things are not going to move any faster just because you are upset. You must reevaluate the situation, see your options in the moment, stay calm and keep driving! You have to remember: The destination is still the same! It’s only a temporary situation.

I know, you might be thinking wait!… Life is a lot more complex than traffic, right? Except that it’s not really, you just have to begin to understand how powerful you are. Then you will begin to see and feel the truth of the answer that life is actually profoundly simple.

Life also happens fast… A monthly cycle of beginnings and endings. You are either entering a place or leaving a place. You know I used to dislike that! I was always looking for some sort of perfection in my life. Come to find out that was simply an illusion. Everything in our lives is already perfect at some level if you choose to accept it. You must look for something positive in all things. I am the first person to admit that’s not always an easy project… It’s taken me years to understand and accept that! I consistently work to remind myself, you need an end in order to have a beginning. It’s all happening in Divine order. You are exactly where you need to be. All is well.

Instead of comparing myself to others and beating myself up wishing I had someone else’s life, I accept the fact that everyone’s life is different and unique. That allows me to keep an open heart filled with appreciation for all the things I already have. I feel daily gratitude and joy for the wonders of life.

I looked up the word acceptance and here’s what I found. Acceptance-In human reality of a situation. Recognizing the process or condition (often negative or uncomfortable) Without attempting to change or protest it. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t want good things in life or that you should stay in a situation that doesn’t serve you. Absolutely not! What I am saying is that you should simply acknowledge what you are not able to change, no matter what it is… The first step is acceptance and acknowledgement that exist! Then reevaluate the situation and see how you can process it with as much ease and grace as possible.

I know through personal experience that difficult times can show up in your life in different ways: divorce, financial loss, the loss of a love one or an unexpected sickness. The list goes on and on. But, I am not here to talk about how difficult things can be. You already know that! My job is to help you to understand that you are not the only one going through a process, whatever that might be for you in this moment, and there is always a solution available that will help you move forward in a way that feels good for you.

In all of these processes we must remain positive and stay as calm as we can. And since we have the power to create our future we don’t want to continue bringing more chaos into our lives, right? we have to stay in a good vibe and be intentionally positive about the thoughts we allow into our minds knowing that we become what we think… I never thought I could say that!

See life has given me plenty of opportunities to become bitter, Instead, I’ve chosen to become better. You must be willing to forgive your past experiences and leave them behind forever. Or they will become part of your future and continue to steal the joy of the present moment. I know if you have been a very negative person for a long time this might sound ridiculous to you, but the truth is that you have been practicing negative behavior for a long time. That’s why you are so good at it! why don’t you try to practice being positive for a change? What do you have to lose?

You my dear have the power to create your future. Start small by practicing gratitude, thinking positive thoughts about your life and saying positive things about yourself. Then you will start to see the difference little by little. And when the road gets hard keep pressing on; don’t quit. everything takes time. I tell you if you stay consistent , magic and miracles will start happening in your life, but ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE.

Okay my friend, I hope this was helpful for you.

With love and blessings



  1. Ashley

    I love this Blog post! Thank you for sharing with me!

    1. Vilmary Lopez

      Awe, thank you Anne Marie! I love you too!!

  2. Diane Scavone

    Vilmary, you are so very wise! Gratitude will change our attitude!
    Feeling blessed to have you cross paths with me!

    1. Vilmary Lopez

      Thank you Diane, for blessing me with your kind words.I am grateful for you as well.

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