What comes to mind when you hear the word change? Change…how does that sound to you? How does that word make you feel? Do you feel the excitement or do you feel urgency and stress? Many times we want change in our lives, but we don’t know where to begin. I’ll tell  you what, my friend, I often feel the need of positive change in different areas of my life. 

One of the tools I use for my personal growth is to spend time alone and ask myself questions like the following: What is bothering me? and why? what thoughts are going through my mind in that moment?

The key component here is to stop wishing and start taking positive action towards our desired goals and dreams. We often think that once we change this person or that situation, we will be happy. That, my friend, is simply an illusion. Change is an inside job. It all starts with YOU! Yes, I know it’s kind of annoying to hear that because I was when I discovered that truth.  

What I have found is that most of the time I have, unconsciously, disconnected myself from the source of life by allowing situations or things to get me off center and out of alignment. That’s why I felt off in those moments. I like to call that being a Human and having feelings and emotions. I don’t need to judge myself for that, I simply return to love myself as I am.

We are here to learn and grow, but we decide how that’s going to be delivered to us. I don’t know about you, but I want ease and grace to be my way of life. I believe that is a combination of mastery and work in progress. The bottom line is that without change there isn’t any growth. 

Change can bring up negative feelings and emotions, especially if you are moving out of your comfort zone into the unknown. Just know that all these emotions can be released by taking positive steps in the right direction and loving yourself through the process.  

Set an intention to feel that peace that comes from the inside of your being. Just know that if you start feeling negative emotions these are your internal signals letting you know that there is something you are holding onto and you must let go of it. 

Take a step back, grab a pen and paper and start writing down what bothers you. Then write down what positive actions you can take to make that negative into a positive. Love yourself through it. Selfcare is super important when you are having feelings of being overwhelmed. Find that place where you feel safe and allow yourself to just be. 

Know that it is all ok. Be gentle with yourself, and remember no one is walking in your shoes. You, my dear, are doing your very best. Be proud of yourself for all the positive vibes you are bringing into your life and into the world! Keep going! Keep shining! The world needs you❤ 

All is well. 

With love and blessings, 

Vilmary 🦋❤ 


  1. Ashley

    Sometimes I am so tired or worn our or stressed out and I don’t even realize that I haven’t taken time to slow down to check up on myself. Slowing down and tuning in does make a total difference and does help when changes in your outer world are happening because your checking into your inner world. Thank yo so much for sharing! I love this!

    1. Vilmary Lopez

      I am so glad. Try to make it a daily practice.❤

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