Gratitude and Appreciation

I wanted to talk about this subject as I have personally experienced the difference between joy and the lack of it and how gratitude and appreciation have shifted things for me in positive ways. We are also preparing for Thanksgiving so what better time to talk about gratitude and appreciation, right? The only thing is that I don’t recommend you wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks! I know this might seem impossible to practice when feeling challenged. I totally understand. The more challenging life gets the less you feel like expressing gratitude and appreciation. I get it! This is why I’m talking about it. I kind of  forgot about it myself. 

There are moments in life where you feel like there is nothing to be grateful for and why should you even bother to attemp being so, right? When everything seems to be falling apart, giving up is the only thing that makes sense. I have some good news, even when we feel like negative emotions are taking over, you can still choose to shift your focus. Yes, we have a choice!! I know it’s easier said than done, but be encouraged. Once you make the effort it will pay off. You will definitely win over the emotions instead of the other way around.I compare emotions with waves, they come and go. You must learn to breathe through them unless you want to drown. Emotions are just the same. One moment you feel like you are on top of the world and the next you can feel as if you are being swallowed by it.  

I understand all these feelings and emotions too well my friend. We can get so overwhelmed with our feelings about different  things happening or not happening in our lives that we forget all the things that are happening and working in our favor. It is easy to forget how to be grateful when you feel overwhelmed. One thing that’s for sure is that complaining about what you don’t have or how unfair life seems to be at times isn’t going to get you positive results at a fast rate. The only thing that will shift your vibe quickly in a positive way is gratitude and appreciation. 

We live in a world where almost everyone wants instant gratification and fast results for everything, but there is a waiting period between seasons!! There are no shortcuts. Sowing and reaping won’t happen at the same time. Our lives are just the same. Being grateful for the things you have right now is like (reaping) the fruits of your previous season. Appreciation for what’s coming is like (sowing) into your future. That’s where faith comes into play. You won’t see the fruits of your labor as soon as you plant your seed, but you know the harvest will come. Appreciation is the space where you let go of all attachments to outcomes, fears and control.   

I realize that it is important to value all the little things in life that makes it all worth living. 

It is easy to give in to the negative chaos of the mind when feeling challenged. 

Here is an excercise you can do today to start practing gratefullness… Get your journal and write down all that is going right for you in your life, no matter how small or big, just write it down.  

When I pay attention to the little things in life and realize how blessed I truly am in no time I feel the positive shift in my vibration. Try it!! Good vibes come right in and then I find more things to be grateful for and it creates a rippling effect of joy and authentic happiness that can only come from within. Be grateful for where you are and appreciate how far you have come!   

Ok my friend, I hope this was helpful for you and I am wishing you a beautiful season of Thanksgiving. 

With gratitude and Appreciation, 


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