In The Process

Hello lovely,

Welcome to this new season in your life! Can you feel the changes in the world around you and discern the seasons of your own life at this moment? Are you on a waiting period or are you in the flow of things? Is everything moving smoothly or are you feeling stuck?… Either way, wherever you find yourself right now is where you need to be. You are in the process. I know one thing is for sure and that is that everything will work out in the end. It might not seem like that in this very moment, but it shall come to pass in its own time.

For that reason It’s important to be very compassionate with ourselves and to always remember to love ourselves through whatever we might be experiencing. I think we all know that there is a bigger plan and a purpose in all things. Knowing that doesn’t change how you might be feeling or the pain that you might be experiencing and that’s okay, it’s all valid.

Each season requires a unique approach. Situations might look similar, but are hardly ever quite the same. Mmm I wonder…Where do we get the idea that everything in our lives needs or will stay the same? We all have moments in life where we feel uncertain and it might feel emotionally uncomfortable and unsettling or you simply might not be where you want to be, things didn’t go as planned. In any case, beating yourself up about it isn’t going to change it or speed up the process. All you can do is give your best and forget the rest.

In times like these you must learn to be compassionate with yourself and become your own best friend. It is easy to be there for someone else than for ourselves because we are not physically feeling the pain in our own flesh and we can easily remove ourselves from it, but what about when it is your own pain? What do you do with that? This is why it is crucial to work on yourself for yourself. You can’t expect others to do for you what you must do for yourself especially during difficult times.You must take the lead to bring a positive solution into your situation.

You can do this by learning to love every part of your soul that is hurting and as you do this you will begin to heal and grow in a very positive way in all areas of your life. This might look messy in the beginning, but as you learn to be patient with yourself and trust the process things will begin to change in your reality in the way we need it the most. Don’t rush. This all takes time and remember that things will flow as easy as you allow them to be. Don’t resist or try to hold on to the things that must go; that would only keep you stuck and prolong the process that must take place in your life. Keep working at it every day it will get easier as time goes by.

You might be asking how do I do this? First, you get crystal clear about your true desires for your future and evaluate what’s holding you back from getting there. Seeking outside yourself for instant gratification will only give you a temporary fix and keep you distracted from the real goal.

You must be courageous and take responsibility for your own life. If you wish to have a positive outcome you must play your part. Give yourself a break. Spend time by yourself and get to know who you truly are. It’s in solicitude that we can discover our hidden gifts and talents. As you take time to let go of the old stories and the belief systems that keep you small you will begin to transform. Remind yourself that this is a process and it won’t happen overnight. This is where commitment and dedication to yourself comes into place.

Getting busy overworking or doing other things to avoid dealing with what you need to won’t get you anywhere. It’s like putting a bandaid on an infected wound. The infection is actually helping you to get your attention to whatever needs to heal. The same way our body sends a signal our emotions do too. Sometimes they are saying, “hey, I don’t feel so good. Can I get some rest? Can you give me more water?” ( maybe you are dehydrated) These are just simple examples but, it’s how our body works. Are you listening?

Learn to give thanks not for the problem, but for the awareness and the perfect solution that is being presented to you in the moment. Pay attention to your guidance system. See you and I were created for a purpose and to experience joy, bliss and abundance. It is our birthright! We shouldn’t accept anything less. At the end of the day we get to decide what we are going to accept and allow to go on in our lives. We create our own reality based on how we feel so why not choose to feel good right now. Don’t wait for anyone to rescue you and to make things happen for you. Love yourself enough and dare to be your own hero! Don’t wait…create a life that you love today.

Ok, my friend I hope this was helpful for you. Until next time… May you be blessed, guided and protected.

Much love,


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