Speaking Your Truth

So much is said about this subject yet it is so difficult for us to follow through. Here is why…We all want to be loved and accepted by others and we are created to be connected to others in different ways. That’s why most of us put up with years of emotional abuse and manipulation in our intimate relationships with toxic family members and people we call friends.

The feeling of guilt makes us an easy prey time and time again. The truth is we are afraid of what others might think of us and that we might end up alone if we speak up. I mean, really? No one wants to be the bad guy or end up alone. Why do you think so many women (and even some men) stay in abusive relationships for a long time before they do something about it? Well… it’s not that simple. By the time we finally accept what it is, the damage has been done.

How do I know? Oh, trust me I know!! Been there, done that, got a bag of chips! Hehehe… It’s easier said than done. When you’ve got a giant screaming in your face, ready to eat you alive and all you’ve got in your hand is a stone and a slingshot, it takes more than faith. You need guts too! Confronting your personal giant is probably the hardest thing to do in that moment, but it’s the first step to freedom. Unfortunately many times we choose to believe the lies rather than facing the truth. We choose to listen to the nagging voices in our heads that say: “I’m too old to change” or “I’d rather stay here even though I’m being abused…. at least I know what to expect” or “I’ll stay even though it’s miserable cause at least I have financial security”.

We get stuck in our own thoughts with constant worry and fear to the point of driving ourselves crazy! We come up with a list of questions like: When would it be convenient to take care of myself? Would that even be acceptable to others? The list goes on and on…I remember before I started working with my personal life coach …I was so hung up on what others were thinking, saying or expecting of me. I was worried about my kids, my so-called friends who, by the way, were not my real friends. I was afraid of being judged. All of these things cause a great deal of unnecessary emotional pain, trauma and stress. Life was much more complicated then. I had to make sure I said the right things even if it meant hiding my truth, as long as someone else had their needs met. I didn’t matter. I was living with my life on hold, meanwhile everyone kept living their own lives however it was convenient for them. I lived my life making sure everyone else was taking care of. I never counted myself as important. I simply survived.

After going through my own life coaching experience my eyes were finally opened! I realized that all of that had been my choice. I had no one to blame. I no longer considered myself a victim. I simply didn’t know any better then. Not living my truth and believing lies created a lot of internal conflict leaving me depressed with feelings of sadness and frustration, blocking me from my full potential.

My friend, it is important to seek within and discover what your truth is. We all have a guidance system that will lead us to the truth that we seek and teach us who we really are, but we have to be willing to take off our “masks” once and for all. I know it might be scary in the beginning, but once you begin to discover and accept who you really are you won’t regret it! You will be glad you took a leap of faith and finally be free to be who you were created to be.

Living and speaking your truth will change your life forever. Once you step out of your comfort zone new doors of opportunity will open up for you. Magic will begin to happen. Believe! My dear friend, I encourage you to give yourself a chance to start a brand new story, to believe in yourself, to stand in your truth and discover who you really are.

Thank you for connecting with me today. I hope this message was helpful for you. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to talk about any specific subjects in the future. I would love to hear from you.

With love and blessings,



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